Is Dad a Foodie? He’ll LOVE These 5 Awesome Kitchen Bits For Father’s Day

Struggling for ideas? If your father has a passion for cooking, here are some ideas you may not have considered.

1. Star Wars Tongs – £21.14

The vast majority of Dads all love a bit of Star Wars. Now he can rule the grill as Darth Vader ruled the Galaxy! He’ll feel just like a big kid when he’s turning the meat from the dark side. What’s more is that it even makes lightsaber sound effects! What’s not to love!

2. Man’s Burger Press – £7.64

Why go out to grab a burger when you can stay at home and get Dad to make one? The old man can make perfect burgers with this tool every time. The base also doubles up as a roasting plate so he can heat the burgers in the press over a fire.

3. Retro Mini Popcorn Maker – £18.99

Whether it’s movies or football, Dad’s love to put their feet up every now and then and dedicate themselves some telly time. Telly time is always better with popcorn! This retro popcorn comes with six cinema style boxes so before Dad puts his feet up he can make everyone a box!

4. Dad Apron – £12.00

Every Father should have their own apron. It boosts their egos and help’s establish their kitchen territory. There is a wide range of different aprons so go ahead and pick the best message for your Dad!


5. Dad’s Book of Awesome Recipes – £15.99

We all lack inspiration from time-to-time. Dad is no exception! Get his creative flair going with this cookbook full of creative recipes. From sweet candy bacon to cheesy chicken fingers, he’s bound to find something for the family from here!


Of course, you can always treat dad to a meal out as well! Contact us to book him for a Sunday lunch with the family for a great food and a great setting to enjoy it in!