3-Ingredient Smoothies

Imagine if choosing what to include in your health-conscious diet was as simple as pairing colours? Well guess what, with these quick but delicious recipes, you can do just that.

Line up your veggies and fruits that match for an antioxidant and vitamin blast that will invigorate your body. Toss them into a blender, switch it on, and watch the different shades combine. It’s that easy to create a rich smoothie that will fill you up and nourish your body.

There’s nothing easier than choosing your ingredients based on colour. And who would have known that’s a great way to make sure you’re getting the good stuff? Power up with these simple colour matched smoothie recipes that are DELICIOUS. Sweeten them up even more with a dash of honey if you’re trying to dodge those candy bars that keep haunting you. Try all nine and you might just discover a new favourite colour!


Have you made any smoothies recently? We would love for you to share your ideas! What makes the perfect smoothie for you?

Source: 3-Ingredient Smoothies

Health Benefits of Coffee

Spread the good news! It turns out coffee can be good for you as it carries a number of health benefits. Do excuse me while I go and grab myself a brew…

Hey, coffee lover. Did you know that drinking coffee on a daily basis bring many health benefits? And the good thing is, it’s backed up by science. So it’s not just any myth. Without further ado, here are some reasons why drinking coffee is good for the body.

1. It boosts energy levels.
2. It helps burn fat faster.
3. Caffeine helps improve physical performance.
4. Coffee contains nutrients good for the body.
5. It reduces the risk of Type 2 Diabetes.
6. Drinking coffee helps prevent Alzheimer’s disease.
7. It reduces the risk of Parkinson’s.
8. It helps protect the liver.
9. Drinking coffee makes us happier.
10. It lowers the risk of some types of cancer.

health benefits of coffee

Source: Health Benefits of Coffee

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Infographic: Knowing the Basics of Juicing

What is juicing? What health benefits does juicing have to offer? This great infographic explains all and there is a great recipe at the end for you to try!


Source: Infographic: Knowing the Basics of Juicing

Juice: The Ultimate Guide to Juicing for Health, Beauty and Wellbeing

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