Which Wines Pair With Which Meals?

When it comes to pairing meals with wines. A beginner may assume that it is a science far beyond them. It’s not! Here’s a how-to for you to reference.


Infographic by Sousvide Tools

If you want to take your wine knowledge that little bit further and impress your friends. Why not try this book? Hugh Johnson provides clear succinct facts and commentary on the wines, growers and wine regions of the whole world. He reveals which vintages to buy, which to drink and which to cellar, which growers to look for and why. Hugh Johnson’s Pocket Wine Book gives clear information on grape varieties, local specialities and how to match food with wines that will bring out the best in both. This year’s special anniversary edition also contains a colour supplement exploring 40 fascinating stories from cities with great vineyards close by to ‘new’ grapes that have come on the scene.

Hugh Johnson’s Pocket Wine Book 2017 Hardcover – 8 Sep 2016

Types of Wine Glasses

Have you ever wondered why there are different kinds of wine glasses?

banana-flower1Source: Types of Wine Glasses

Or personally… My favourite

BigMouth Inc Ultimate Wine Bottle Glass